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 Club Finances

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PostSubject: Club Finances   Club Finances Icon_minitimeThu Jan 08, 2009 12:29 pm

As people may or no know I have recently taken over the Treasurer position for the club (I think I won on having the best 'debit collectors knock' !!)

My self and Paul are in the process of handing over the accounts which includes outstanding subs etc... To help me back track and save me some time I have copied the list that Paul published a while ago showing what people owed up to the 31/08/08. PLEASE CAN PEOPLE LOOK AT THE LIST AND TELL ME IF THEY HAVE SETTLED THEIR DEBITS. I will be back tracking in pauls books to check who still owes but for the time being it would be much appreciated if people can tell me

Andrew Martin 18.50
Andy Rhucroft 12
Athony ? 0
Chaz Cheung ** 68
Darren Cresser 12
Dave Mudge 4
Duncan McAuley 0
Grant Tolley 89
Ian Davison 6
John Filtcroft 6
Mark Hubbard 4
Mark Ledger 6
Martin Hunter 4
Matt Fletcher 32.5
Nicky Cresser 12
Patrick Chilton 43
Paul Bone 57.25
Paul Ramsey 24
Scot Cresswell 44
Sim Flethcer 33
Ste Jackson 16.5
Wendy Morris 0
Katie Sweeting 0
Helen ?

Also those who attend the pool session please can you tell me if you have paid in 'bulk', how much, and how many sessions you have attended. Again I will be looking through Pauls stuff to find this anyway, but letting me know will same me time and get me running quicker with the accounts.

Your help and honesty with the above will be much appreciated and I'm sure rewarded in heaven.

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Club Finances
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