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 Tigers Loyalty!!!! Rams!!

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PostSubject: Tigers Loyalty!!!! Rams!!   Tigers Loyalty!!!! Rams!! Icon_minitimeSat Jan 10, 2009 7:00 pm

ok so it appears that Mr Ramsey is becoming somewhat disillusioned with life with the Tigers, I know from a previous post that you(PAUL RAMSEY) posted..... oooh was it a few days ago now...... that one of your New Years Resolutions was to "Establish yourself in the A Team" i think that is what you said....

Anyway it has come to my attention that you have jumped at the opportunity to go and play for a team, who shall we say are our closest rivals, yes everybody you have guessed it TEES ROCKETS.. now i do know that this is not for the first time you have defected to to their call!!!

So as for you establishing yourself in the A team actions such as this may not be looked upon in a favourable way as to your chances with the Tigers A Team selections.

Now i think it is also time to bring in to Question your Loyalty to the Tigers Revolution.....
Deserting to another team does not show loyalty....Ask Duncan about that... lol!

Now on a more serious note defecting to another team without the express permission from the Executive Committee comes with severe Consequences, the most severe of which should be a complete ban from eating any cake (including Jaffa) for the remainder of the current year or such time as the committee feels that your CTR has fallen back to within recommended guidelines.

i do hope that you have a very good explanation for your inexcuseable actions as you will face a disciplinary committee at 12:00 pm Sunday.
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Tigers Loyalty!!!! Rams!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tigers Loyalty!!!! Rams!!   Tigers Loyalty!!!! Rams!! Icon_minitimeSun Jan 11, 2009 2:31 pm

I Haven't Defected the Tigers, I was just helping them out like they did for the B team last season when we were short of players. Remember. As for loyalty, remember this time last year when it was just me and you training on those cold winter nights.
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Tigers Loyalty!!!! Rams!!
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