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 Div 3 - Stockport 17/01/09

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Div 3 - Stockport 17/01/09 Empty
PostSubject: Div 3 - Stockport 17/01/09   Div 3 - Stockport 17/01/09 Icon_minitimeMon Jan 19, 2009 10:01 pm

Mixed results for the tigers on Saturday with the A and B teams playing their third of four tournaments in the national league season.

The good news - the a team were weakened loosing Chaz to her ladies team, Katie had to play up for the tournament from the C-team. Despite this, We won all of our games and only conceded one goal all evening. Every game started composed and we lead all from the start. We just lost a bit of this control in the later stages of the games trying to score more goals than necessary, but not too much of an issue, we'll be working on this for the last tournament.

The bad news - the b team didn't have the best tournament to say the least. The play was generally good and some good, well worked goals were scored, but there was a little too many danger passes and trying to force opportunities that weren't there. I'm not sure whether it is mathematically possible for the team to make playoffs, but I definately reckon that some unusual results will be required from the other teams in the running! Looking at the positive side, another season in Div 3 won't do any harm, and the performance wasn't as bad as the results would suggest, just a bit too much forcing stuff... Keep up the good work lads and see'f you can upset some of the top teams at the next tournament!

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Div 3 - Stockport 17/01/09
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