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 B team 12th december Summary

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Friend of Andy Dancer

Friend of Andy Dancer

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PostSubject: B team 12th december Summary   B team 12th december Summary Icon_minitimeSat Dec 12, 2009 11:53 pm

Firstly good job guys won all our games so overall best result we could have and exactly what we needed, as for promotion we will see how it stands when the next league standings are up Smile

First game was good indeed we showed very promising discipline sticking to the game plan we set out and showing our new found speed from training was very useful scoring effectively off breaks just as we wanted. A few improvements would be to ensure our breaks are textbook with one or more going to half way one or more going long as these are perfect opportunities to score.

Second game followed much the same as the first although we conceded early on we did win 3-1 after showing clear dominance and strong form as in our first game. We were abit lost as Greenstar used overloads heavily from the start and is probably something that a white board and a few moments one training session could sort out no problem.

Third game was a 2-1 victory against Kingston who were abit of a weaker team; we made some awful mistakes in this game and was by far our worst game of the night.

(1)We firstly made the mistake of spreading our defence out to much with literally no structure and just a mess of players, this took
some time to be realised but was rectified in the second half.
(2)Second half we had to close and inactive 2 and 2 setup with chasers working too far off the front and many fairly static opposition
in our zone, ideally a chaser should have maybe dropped back in to help the overloaded zone. These errors lead to us conceding
but thanks to some miracle saves we were not hit to hard.
(3)Also in this game delivery of the ball on breaks was poor in general with passes coming far too late and people not stopping off to
give a range of passes.

Fourth and final game was against White Rose we were a mess to start with in this game and concede early we then scored back on the attack from the centre retake this instant goals form attacks occurred for both teams until the score line was 2-2 this was then worrying as our defence was very poor however we managed to get our next goal in the same manner as before but then began defending well leading to another goal for Tigers the first half then drew to an end and reflection on what had just happened began I think we all agree that 6 goals in 6 minute (yes 6 minute halves I know) is not a good thing in general not enough control in the game so in the second half we worked there zone hard and held the ball up with a few shots for the next six minutes as they never pushed out of 3 and 1 defence.

Overall a very promising night with some lovely goal keeping a very few magic balls or even attempts of magic balls Smile and a big bonus Ian Davison thatís right the hulk himself finally scored his goal in the last game Razz
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B team 12th december Summary Empty
PostSubject: Re: B team 12th december Summary   B team 12th december Summary Icon_minitimeMon Dec 14, 2009 11:57 pm

good times, div 2 here we come bounce
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B team 12th december Summary
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