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 Disciplinary policy

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PostSubject: Disciplinary policy   Disciplinary policy Icon_minitimeWed May 12, 2010 12:32 pm

1. Any member violating the rules and regulations of the club, our who has behaved in such a manner which is prejudicial to the interests of the club, may be invited to appear before a disciplinary hearing where the members will be provided with the opportunity to rebut or submit complaints alleged.

2. A complaint made against a member of the club shall be made in writing. It shall be signed, dated and state the complainants address, and shall be given to the Chairperson.

3. The Chairperson shall then nominate a Disciplinary Committee from members of the Management Committee, at least two members who are not directly related to either complainant of accused.

4. The Disciplinary Committee will write to the accused and invite then to a hearing detailing all the points of the complaint, together with a date the committee shall hear the complaint. An ivitation to submit, in writing, an explanation of facts applicable to the complaint within fourteen days. The accused member shall be invited to be present at the hearing, in case they may be asked questions, they may have the right to be accompanied at the hearing by a fellow club member or if a junior member then accompanied by a parent/guardian.

5. Should the member decline to be present at the disciplinary hearing; the committee will consider the complaint in their absence on the basis of the facts and statements in their possession.

6. The disciplinary committee having considered the facts and statements of both parties will decide.
1 To reject the complaint
2 To warn or reprimand the individual member concerned.
3 To suspend the member from the club (for a maximum period of three months)
4 To expel the member from the club.

7. Once a decision has been issued to a member they have the right of appeal. All appeals must be made in writing within 7 calendar days and sent to the Chairperson of the club, who will hear the appeal, The Chairperson has the final decision to revoke, uphold or alter the original decision of the Disciplinary Committee.

8. In the event of clause 6.3 or 6.4 being activated, no refund of membership subscription shall be made.

i. The disciplinary committee will consist of at least two members drawn from the Officers of the club and/or members of the Management Committee.

ii. The Chairperson cannot be drafted onto the Disciplinary Committee, just in case their is an appeal, in which case the Chairperson will hear all appeals.

iii. No person may be a member of the Disciplinary Committee if he/she is the complainant or accused of the complaint. In the event of this the committee shall choose other suitable persons to serve on the committee with full voting rights.
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Disciplinary policy
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