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 B TEAM local league 3/12/11

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B TEAM local league 3/12/11 Empty
PostSubject: B TEAM local league 3/12/11   B TEAM local league 3/12/11 Icon_minitimeWed Nov 30, 2011 4:03 pm

I'm popping this up on here so theres no excuses for not knowing . . . .
I have spoken to some of you individually, some have been helpful, some not so.

You know theres a tournament at Tynemouth pool on Saturday, 7.30-10.30. You know I have to be there as I have the keys to the pool.

Some of you know I have been in hospital again and was only discharged home last night. Sure I'm at home, that doesn't mean I'm well. I need COMMITMENT from you to turn up early enough to help with the goals and willing to do other stuff, PR, timekeep, ref, put things away afterwards and set up the scoretable etc etc. We can get on poolside from 7pm, I've organised so you're not on first match so there is extra time for changing.

Mark and Andy have been epic in volunteering to perform superhuman tasks to help out. I need the rest of you guys to support me also. I trust you will do the necessary, pull together and frankly, get me through a pretty tricky week!

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B TEAM local league 3/12/11
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