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 Team Selection 09/10

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Team Selection 09/10 Empty
PostSubject: Team Selection 09/10   Team Selection 09/10 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 21, 2009 3:12 pm

Teams 09/10:

A-team - The aim of this season is to make their mark in Division 2. We've had some mixed results this summer, but will hopefully be able to take the positives away from London and hopefully Ieper into the league. The team will remain unchanged from last season with the additions of Sim to fill the gap in nets and Duncan is returning from Peninne B to do a bit of glory supporting! The team list is as follows:

Andy Rhucroft (Captain)
Chaz Cheung
Darren Cresser
Duncan McAuley
Nicky Cresser
Scott Cresswell
Simon Fletcher

B-team - The aim of this season is to play to improve their tactical play and look more at their strengths. If they can do this the oppportunity of getting to division 2 is certainly a possibility and what the team should be expecting. There are some changes to the team from last winter season with some big improvements for some players. Looking at the gap between the 5th and 6th players, this is where the line will be drawn, but there will be the opportunity for several players from the C or D team to play up for a tournament each. The team list is as follows:

Matthew Fletcher (Captain)
Ian Davison
Patrick Chilton
Paul Ramsey
Stephen Jackson

C and D teams - These teams are created as two approximately equal teams and their aim is to get up into division 3. This should be easily achievable with the experience of the teams and the levels of commitment of most players. There is likely to be a fair amount of movement in both of these teams for next season so keep up the good work!

C-team list is as follows

Paul Bone (Captain)
Grant Tolley
John Flitcroft
Katie Sweeting
Wendy Morris
Andrew Martin

Mark Ledger (Captain)
Francis Jones
James Tonks
Phil Dean
Rory Fairhirst
Sam Critchley

In addition to the players mentioned here, there are plenty of players that can be called upon to help out when necessary but aren't committed enough to a team. The junior paddlers (particularly Jonothan, Calum, Kris and Brandon) along with other members of the ladies team and Durham Uni (as they don't have a national league entry) can all fill in places where necessary.

Ladies Team - How good is this, a proper ladies team who's intention is to turn up and enjoy themselves! The aim has got to be to finish as high up the league as possible, but mainly gain experience from playing against other ladies teams with the intention of progressing next year. The team list is as follows:

Katie Sweeting (Captain)
Rachael Smith
Rachel Smith
Nicole (from morpeth)
Helen James
Wendy Morris

All of these players have not committed fully to the team due to the distances to tournaments, however, the team has been entered and we should be able to fill it at each of the tournaments. As with the C and D teams, there are plenty of youngsters who can make their debut in the ladies team as a fifth player.

Any questions, please ask Nicky or Duncan. The decision process was not easy, planning for a full season never is. There is still a lot of training and hard work to go in if we are going to earn those promotion spots and keep our places in whichever team we are in.

Roll on the Tigers!!!
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Team Selection 09/10
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