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 C Team Stockport

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PostSubject: C Team Stockport   C Team Stockport Icon_minitimeMon Nov 03, 2008 10:31 am

The C team competed at Stockport at the weekend and the won 2 (FOA Ladies, Hellfish aka Durham Uni) and Lost 2 (FOA Z and Kingston B)

Every one worked hard and the teams we beat we beat very very well. The team did well against Kingston B and I feel that one of the goals was down to sloppy play hence 2-1 would have been a fairer reflection of the match (3-1 was the final score)

Good points: Last 2 matches players in the zone started working the same sides, better rotation of players into and out of the zone, good pressure

Bad points: Slow start against FOA Z (we need to stop doing this), some poor passing (not to hands/poor choice of pass) and some lack of tactical awareness in defence..... So some good stuff to work on

Over all very positive
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C Team Stockport
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